AA-427 Creating an Action Plan: Forming a Critical Incident Response Team 

This 6 hour training session is designed to help school districts build a school-based emergency management organization to respond to and manage a wide-range of critical incidents until local emergency responders arrive. Participants will learn who should be involved in the school’s emergency response and how to form a school-based emergency organization. The Incident Command System (ICS) structure used by emergency responder agencies is featured as the model for the school-based teams. The course is highly interactive featuring small group activities and table-top drills with simulated emergency scenarios. The School Safety Drill Act requirements and guidelines will be addressed. Schools are invited to send a team of 3-5 staff including an administrator (principal, assistant principal), school nurse, transportation director, teacher, counselor, custodian/engineer, school security supervisor, school resource officer/liaison officer (sworn), and a representative of fire services or emergency management. Although recommended, schools are not required to send a full team. District teams will be provided training materials to aid in forming Critical Incident Response Teams for all buildings in their district. Administrators seeking Administrator Academy credits will develop an Action Plan for recruiting, screening, training, deploying and sustaining a school-based Critical Incident Response Team.  

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