Sexual Violence (Higher Education)

  1. Rape and Sexual Assault Victimization Among College-Age Females, 1995-2013
  2. Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act
  3. Not Alone: The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault
  4. The Second Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault
  5. Preventing and Addressing Campus Sexual Misconduct: A Guide for University and College Presidents, Chancellors, and Senior Administrators
  6. Climate Surveys: Useful Tools to Help Colleges and Universities in Their Efforts to Reduce and Prevent Sexual Assault
  7. Addressing Sexual and Relationship Violence: A Trauma-Informed Approach
  8. Addressing Gender-Based Violence on College Campuses: Guide to a Comprehensive Model
  9. Title IX Resource Guide (April 2015)
  10. COPS Problem-Specific Guides Series: Acquaintance Rape of College Students
  11. Challenges in Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence at American Community Colleges
  12. Promoting Effective Criminal Investigations of Campus Sex Crimes
  13. Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
    1. The Blueprint for Campus Police: Responding to Sexual Assault
    2. The Blueprint for Campus Police: Responding to Sexual Assault (Briefing Sheets)
  14. National Sexual Violence Resource Center
    1. What is Sexual Violence
    2. The Impact of Sexual Violence
    3. Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaign Creation
      1. Event Planning Guide
  15. Preventing and Responding to Campus Sexual Violence
  16. Sexual Violence on Campus: Strategies for Prevention
  17. STOP SV:  A Technical Package to Prevent Sexual Violence
  18. United States Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women - Protecting Students From Sexual Assault
    1. Complete Student Action Packet for Campus Climate Surveys
    2. Administrator Information Packet for Campus Climate Surveys
    3. Frequently Asked Questions: Campus Climate Surveys
    4. Talking Points: Campus Climate Surveys
    5. Conducting a Valid Campus Climate Survey
    6. National Progress on Campus Climate Surveys: A Snapshot
    7. Checklist for Campus Sexual Misconduct Policies
    8. Sample Language and Definitions of Prohibited Conduct for a School's Sexual Misconduct Policy
    9. Sample Language for Reporting and Confidentially Disclosing Sexual Violence
    10. Sample Language for Interim and Supportive Measures to Protect Students Following an Allegation of Sexual Misconduct
    11. Sample Language for Title IX Coordinator's Role in Sexual Misconduct Policy
    12. Building Partnerships with Local Rape Crisis Centers: Developing a Memorandum of Understanding
    13. Building Partnerships among Law Enforcement Agencies, Colleges, and Universities: Developing a Memorandum of Understanding to Prevent and Respond Effectively to Sexual Assaults at Colleges and Universities
    14. Key Components of Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention/Victim Service Resources
    15. Bystander-Focused Prevention of Sexual Violence
    16. Establishing Prevention Programming: Strategic Planning for Campuses
    17. Minimum Standards of Training for Campus Security Personnel and Campus Disciplinary and Judicial Boards
    18. Minimum Standards of Training for Establishing a Mandatory Prevention and Education Program for all Incoming Students on Campus
    19. Minimum Standards for Creating a Coordinated Community Response to Violence Against Women on Campus
    20. Promoting Effective Criminal Investigations of Campus Sex Crimes
  19. Bureau of Justice Statistics
    1. Draft Instrument for Measuring Campus Climate Related to Sexual Assault
    2. Campus Climate Survey Validation Study Final Technical Report
  20. National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments
    1. Trauma-Sensitive Practice for Health Care Centers Serving Higher Education Students
  21. Preventing Sexual Violence on College Campuses: Lessons from Research and Practice
  22. Dating Violence Among College Students: The Risk and Protective Factors
  23. How Prevalent is Campus Sexual Assault in the United States?
  24. NO MORE: Together We Can End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
  25. Sex Without Consent Isn’t Sex. It’s Rape
  26. Decoding Media Messages About Consent
    1. How Do You Know if Someone Wants to Have Sex with You? (Video)
    2. When Someone Definitely Wants to Have Sex (Video)
    3. When Someone Isn’t Quite Sure If They Want to Have Sex (Video)
    4. When Someone Doesn’t Want to Have Sex (Video)
  27. Not on the Radar: Sexual Assault of College Students with Disabilities
  28. Serving Sexual Violence Survivors with Disabilities
  29. Supporting Crime Victims With Disabilities Curriculum
  30. Just The Facts About Campus Sexual Assault
  31. Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault
  32. Illinois Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program
  33. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program Development and Operations Guide
  34. Seek Then Speak
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