Behavioral Threat Assessment (K-12)

  1. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
    1. School Safety and Security
    2. Pathway to Violence: Warning Signs and What You Can Do
  2. National Threat Assessment Center
    1. Enhancing School Safety Using A Threat Assessment Model: An Operational Guide for Preventing Targeted School Violence
    2. Protecting America's Schools: A U.S. Secret Service Analysis of Targeted School Violence
    3. The Final Report and Findings of the Safe School Initiative: Implications for the Prevention of School Attacks in the United States
    4. Threat Assessment in Schools: A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe School Climates
    5. Prior Knowledge of Potential School-Based Violence: Information Students Learn May Prevent a Targeted Attack
  3. Guide for Preventing and Responding to School Violence 2nd Edition
  4. Averting Targeted School Violence: A U.S. Secret Service Analysis of Plots Against Schools
  5. The Virginia Model for Student Threat Assessment
  6. The School Shooter: A Threat Assessment Perspective
  7. Threat Assessment at School
  8. Threat Assessment: Predicting and Preventing School Violence
  9. Sigma Threat Management Associates
  10. Marisa Randazzo - Understanding and Preventing School Shootings in the U.S. (YouTube Video)
  11. Association of Threat Assessment Professionals
  12. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
  13. Making Prevention a Reality: Identifying, Assessing, and Managing the Threat of Targeted Attacks
  14. Sandy Hook Promise
    1. Know the Signs Program
  15. A Study of the Pre-Attack Behaviors of Active Shooters in the United States Between 2000 and 2013
  16. REMS TA Center
    1. Active Shooter Situations: Preventing an Active Shooter Situation
    2. Forming a School Behavioral Threat Assessment Team Webinar
  17. If You See Something, Say Something
    1. What is Suspicious Activity?
    2. Recognize the Signs
    3. Play a Role
    4. Partnership and Campaign Materials
      1. Indicators of Suspicious Activity Pocket Card


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