Health (Higher Education)

  1. Alphabetical Listing of Local Health Departments

Health and Wellness in College

  1. American College Health Association
    1. Healthy Campus
  2. Reducing Risk During the First Few Weeks on Campus
  3. First in the Family
  4. National Institutes of Health
    1. Emotional Wellness Toolkit
  5. 8 Tips for College Women’s Health and Safety

Disease Prevention and Sexual Risk Behaviors

  1. Vaccines – Ages 19 Through 26
  2. Sexually Transmitted Infections
  3. Sexual Risk Behaviors

Overall Health

  1. Managing Stress in College
  2. Take Five to Thrive!
  3. Eating Disorders & College Students
  4. Eating Disorders on the College Campus
  5. College Students: Getting Enough Sleep is Vital to Academic Success
  6. Good Sleep for Good Health
  7. Food Safety Tips for College Students

Drugs and Alcohol

  1. College Drinking Prevention
    1. Fall Semester – A Time for Parents to Discuss the Risks College Drinking
  2. Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention on College Campuses: Model Programs
  3. Addressing College Drinking and Drug Use
  4. Be Vocal, Be Visible, Be Visionary: Recommendations for College and University Presidents on Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention
  5. Prevention with Purpose: A Strategic Planning Guide for Preventing Drug Misuse Among College Students
  6. The Academic Opportunity Costs of Substance Use During College
  7. What You Should Know about Prescription Drug Misuse Among College Students
  8. Drug Fact Sheets
    1. Smokefree Teen
      1. Know the Risks
      2. Nicotine & Addiction
      3. quitSTART Smartphone App
      4. Tools for Quitting
      5. Get Ready to Quit
    2. Quitting Starts Now. Make Your Plan.
  10. Smoking Among College Students
  11. Preparing for Opioid-Related Emergencies for K-12 Schools and Institutions of Higher Education