Advanced Student Behavioral Threat Assessment 

The Advanced Student Behavioral Threat Assessment course is offered for established school threat assessment teams and expands on the basic “Student Behavioral Threat Assessment” training. This advanced training is designed to enhance skills, identify common team problems and solutions, and provide information on best practices and standards. The goal for this course is to give participants a chance to practice their skills in key areas—threat assessment procedures; case management planning; developing questions for threat assessment interviews; and determining appropriate interventions. This 8-hour course provides strategies for effective threat assessment interviews with a focus on prevention, in contrast to law enforcement or clinical interviews.  

This advanced training is highly interactive, incorporating the use of both guided case studies and facilitated discussions regarding critical issues facing threat assessment teams. The objectives are to enhance case management skills and to foster continuing improvement of threat management practices.  

The target audience for this course is current members of school threat assessment teams and those with a role in preventing, deterring, interviewing or managing concerns of violence in schools. This course is appropriate for local law enforcement officials (School Resource Officers/Juvenile Officers), school principals, deans, counselors, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and local mental health officials. The Student Behavioral Threat Assessment course is a prerequisite for this course.  


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