AWR-132 Understanding and Planning for School Bomb Incidents 

Bomb threats to schools are a significant problem throughout the United States. Although more than 90% of bomb threats turn out to be pranks, school districts must take each threat seriously because of the real potential for death and serious injury. The problem of bomb threats is an annual occurrence for many school districts, resulting in days lost from teaching and learning, emotional trauma to students and staff, and financial costs. Effective response to school bomb threats requires the coordinated efforts of administration, faculty, staff, and first responders.  

This 4-hour New Mexico Tech course is designed to aid emergency responders who respond to school bomb incidents.  The primary target audience includes firefighters, law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians, security personnel, and school employess who are responsible for planning for and responding to bombing incidents in schools.  This course addresses issues and considerations involved in developing a safe and effective school bomb threat response plan annex as part of the school emergency operations plan.  This course is a prerequisite course for K-12 school officials attending the Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings course.


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