AWR-130-2 Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings

This 4-hour New Mexico Tech course is designed for responders who require the skills necessary to recognize and report a potential incident involving explosives or who are likely to witness or investigate an event involving the use of explosives or explosive devices. This course provides basic information on explosive and incendiary devices that could be used as terrorist weapons.  Classroom topics include: understanding the terrorist threat, improvised explosive devices, safety issues, etc.  At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to identify and take appropriate action in the event of a potential or realized weapons of mass destruction (WMD) incident involving explosives and incendiaries. 

The target audience for this course includes school administrators; higher education institution officials responsible for emergency planning and managing bomb incidents; college and university police/security/public safety officials, facilities managers, building and grounds management, housing, recreation and athletic staff; as well as responders from the following fields: law enforcement, fire service, emergency management, healthcare, public health, public safety communications, public works, hazardous materials, and governmental administration.  K-12 school administrators must attend the Understanding & Planning for School Bomb Incidents course as a prerequisite.


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