Forming a Campus Behavioral Threat Assessment Team

Higher education institutions have an obligation to provide a safe environment for learning. Part of this safe environment includes the ability to prevent violence by evaluating potentially violent students, faculty, and staff. Participants in this course will gain an enhanced understanding and ability to identify persons of concern exhibiting threatening or aberrant behaviors, evaluate the risk of the threat, and provide appropriate interventions and case management to reduce the risk of violence. The target audience and campus threat assessment process is a multi-disciplinary team approach comprised of higher education institutional leaders, faculty governance, campus law enforcement/security departments, campus counseling/mental health services, campus judicial affairs, local law enforcement, and local community services/mental health agencies.

This 1 day (8-hour) session is designed to address violence prevention through behavioral threat assessment using best practices, research, and showcasing different threat assessment models for higher education institutions. The training targets actions based on behavioral assessments and focuses attention to campus and public safety concerns as well as legal issues involved in the process of managing potentially dangerous human behavior.


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