Advanced Campus Behavioral Threat Assessment

The training presented in this 8-hour session is a follow-up to the initial Forming a Campus Behavioral Threat Assessment Team course. This course is designed to provide information on current best practices, refresher training on campus threat assessment procedures, topics in advanced threat assessment, and tabletop and group exercises to reinforce skills. This advanced training provides enhanced focus and skill-building on interview techniques designed to give participants a chance to practice their skills in a few key areas, particularly in threat assessment procedures, case management, planning for threat assessment interviews, and in conducting interviews more effectively. Participants will also gain a better understanding of recent legal developments in campus threat assessment and greater understanding of factors that can negatively impact team dynamics and how to remedy them.

The target audience for this course is current members of campus behavioral threat assessment teams investigating student and employee threatening or aberrant behaviors. The course is appropriate for campus or local law enforcement officials, community mental health professionals, campus counseling center staff, human resources, legal counsel, student services administrators, student housing, and others who may provide assistance to the team.


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