Student Behavioral Threat Assessment 

Research findings indicate that incidents of targeted violence in schools were rarely impulsive; that the students who perpetrated the attacks usually planned them out well in advance with planning behavior that was often observable; and, that prior to most attacks, other students knew the attack was to occur. (Threat Assessment in Schools: A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and Creating Safe Schools, U.S. Secret Service 2002)  

The purpose of this one day (8 hour) seminar is to provide increased understanding of the framework and application of student behavioral threat assessment in elementary and secondary schools. The target audience and student threat assessment process is a multi-disciplinary team approach comprised of school administration, key faculty, psychological services, counselors, local law enforcement, school resource officers, local community services, mental health agencies and school legal counsel. Participants will gain an enhanced understanding and ability to identify persons exhibiting threatening or aberrant behaviors, evaluate the risk of the threat, and provide appropriate interventions and case management to reduce the risk of violence.  This course is a prerequisite for Advanced Student Behavioral Threat Assessment.  


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