Radon and Radiation in Schools (K-12)

  1. IEMA School Screening Program
    1. Radon Measurement Course for School Districts Electing to Perform Radon Measurements
    2. Radon Measurement Online Exam for School Districts Electing to Perform Radon Measurements
  2. Environmental Protection Agency - Radon in Schools
  3. Environmental Protection Agency - Radioactive Material in Science Classrooms
  4. Environmental Protection Agency - RadTown
    1. RadTown Classroom Materials: Radiation Protection
      1. RadTown Radiation Protection: Teacher Information
      2. RadTown Radiation Protection: Vocabulary Activities
      3. RadTown Radiation Protection Activity 1: History of Radiation Protection
      4. RadTown Radiation Protection Activity 2: Time, Distance and Shielding
      5. RadTown Radiation Protection Activity 3: Radiation Warning and Protection Equipment
      6. RadTown Radiation Protection Activity 4: Buildings as Shielding
      7. RadTown Radiation Protection Activity 5: A Career in Radiation Protection
      8. RadTown Radiation Protection Activity 6: Impact of Radiological Emergencies
      9. RadTown Radiation Protection Activity 7: Benefits of Radiation
    2. RadTown Classroom Materials: The Radioactive Atom
      1. RadTown Radioactive Atom: Teacher Information
      2. RadTown Radioactive Atom: Vocabulary Activities
      3. RadTown Radioactive Atom Activity 1: Atomic Discoveries
      4. RadTown Radioactive Atom Activity 2: Atomic Math and Shorthand
      5. RadTown Radioactive Atom Activity 3: Strong Nuclear Forces
      6. RadTown Radioactive Atom Activity 4: Atomic Stability
      7. RadTown Radioactive Atom Activity 5: Half-Life
      8. RadTown Radioactive Atom Activity 6: Radioactive Decay Chain
    3. RadTown Classroom Materials: Radiation Exposure
      1. RadTown Radiation Exposure: Teacher Information
      2. RadTown Radiation Exposure Vocabulary Activities
      3. RadTown Radiation Exposure Activity 1: Types of Radiation
      4. RadTown Radiation Exposure Activity 2: Sources of Annual Radiation Exposure
      5. RadTown Radiation Exposure Activity 3: Penetrating Powers of Ionizing Radiation
      6. RadTown Radiation Exposure Activity 4: Exposure Pathways
      7. RadTown Radiation Exposure Activity 5: Radiation Health Effects
      8. RadTown Radiation Exposure Activity 6: Acute versus Chronic Exposure
      9. RadTown Radiation Exposure Activity 7: Radiation: Fact of Fiction
    4. RadTown Classroom Materials: Radon
      1. RadTown Radon: Teacher Information
      2. RadTown Radon: Vocabulary Activities
      3. RadTown Radon Activity 1: Ground Up
      4. RadTown Radon Activity 2: Radon Vacuum
      5. RadTown Radon Activity 3: Indoor Radon Levels
      6. RadTown Radon Activity 4: The Half-Life of Radon
    5. RadTown Classroom Materials: Uranium
      1. RadTown Uranium: Teacher Information
      2. RadTown Uranium: Vocabulary Activities
      3. RadTown Uranium Activity 1: Uranium, Radium and Radon
      4. RadTown Uranium Activity 2: Radiation and Uranium Myths and Facts
      5. RadTown Uranium Activity 3: Uranium Ore Sources in the U.S.
      6. RadTown Uranium Activity 4: Uranium Mining Methods
      7. RadTown Uranium Activity 5: Radiation Contamination and Exposure
      8. RadTown Uranium Activity 6: Radiation Cleanup and Advocacy Objectives
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