Bullying (K-12)

  1. Preventing Bullying Through Science, Policy, and Practice
  2. Preventing Bullying Through Science, Policy, and Practice (Report)
  3. Student Reports of Bullying: Results From the 2017 School Crime Supplement to the National Crime Victimization Survey
  4. Report on Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2020
  5. National Institute of Justice Report – Summary of School Safety Statistics
  6. Crime, Violence, Discipline, and Safety in U.S. Public Schools
  7. Measuring Bullying Victimization, Perpetration, and Bystander Experiences: A Compendium of Assessment Tools
  8. The Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide: What We Know and What it Means for Schools
  9. Bullying in Schools: An Overview
  10. The Biological and Psychosocial Effects of Peer Victimization: Lessons for Bullying Prevention, Summary Overview
  11. Final Report of the Federal Commission on School Safety
  12. Bullying and Absenteeism: Information for State and Local Education Agencies
  13. Bullying in Schools
  14. Bullying in Schools (Spanish)
  15. Stopbullying.gov
    1. Bullying
      1. What is Bullying
      2. The Roles Kids Play in Bullying
      3. Who is at Risk
      4. Warning Signs for Bullying
      5. Effects of Bullying
      6. Race, Ethnicity, National Origin & Religion
      7. LGBTQI+ Youth
      8. Bullying and Youth with Disabilities and Special Health Needs
      9. Bullying, Harassment, & Civil Rights (video)
    2. Prevention
      1. How to Prevent Bullying
      2. Prevention at School
      3. Assess Bullying
      4. Set Policies and Rules
      5. Build a Safe Environment
    3. Respond to Bullying
    4. Support the Kids Involved
  16. National Association for Pupil Transportation
    1. Bully Prevention Training for Bus Drivers
  17. National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments
    1. Creating a Safe and Respectfully Environment in Our Nation’s Classrooms (training)
    2. Social Bullying: Correlates, Consequences, and Prevention
  18. Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center
    1. Classroom Education and Activities
    2. Publications
  19. Pacer Center’s Teens Against Bullying
    1. Bullying Defined
    2. Experiencing Bullying
    3. You Are Not Alone
    4. Take Action
  20. Pacer Center’s Kids Against Bullying
    1. What is Bullying?
    2. Are You a Target of Bullying?
    3. Do You Bully?
    4. How Can You Help?
    5. Join the Cause
  21. National Crime Prevention Council
    1. Bullying
      1. Lessons that Adults Can Use to Teach Kids About Bullying
      2. 21st Century Bullying – Crueler Than Ever
      3. Bullies: A Serious Problem for Kids (Brochure)
      4. Power Tripping (Brochure)
      5. Say Goodbye to Bullies (Activity)
      6. The Bully Situation Survey (for students)
  22. Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools Technical Assistance Center (REMS TA Center)
    1. Integrating Bullying Prevention Efforts into Emergency Management Planning
    2. Using the School Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Framework to Support Bullying Prevention Efforts (webinar)
  23. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
    1. School-Based Bullying Prevention – Model Program Guide
  24. Dear Colleague Letter on Bullying
  25. Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports Technical Assistance Center- Bullying Prevention
  26. Stomp Out Bullying
  27. Cerebral Palsy and Bullying
  28. Behind the Numbers: Ending School Violence and Bullying
  29. Bullying Prevention and Suicide Prevention for Schools: A Digital Approach (video)