Every day Illinois residents face natural, technological, chemical and manmade hazards that can potentially become disasters. Even though the probability of you or your family being injured or killed in a disaster is very low, it is extremely probable that your lives will be impacted. Utilities may be interrupted for hours or even days; your home, workplace, or school may be damaged or destroyed; roads and highways may be closed; and stores may be closed due to damage or have shortages of the items you need. For these reasons, it is extremely important for you to prepare in advance for disasters.”
Illinois Emergency Management Agency

In its most basic meaning, preparedness is being in a state of readiness.  In a broader perspective, preparedness is an overarching term encompassing the actions, plans, and resources that should be made or arranged in advance of various types of emergencies and disasters.  From forming memorandums of understanding with fellow stakeholder agencies to proactively educating college students about fire safety before an incident occurs, there is no substitute for preparedness when it comes to response and mitigation.  Therefore, this preparedness repository contains resources on topics such as severe weather preparedness and fire safety to Emergency Operations Plans and MOUs.

Preparedness Resources

  1. American Red Cross Ready Rating
  3. Severe Weather
  4. Fire Safety
  5. Emergency Operations Plans
  6. Crisis Communications Plans
  7. Creating MOUs
  8. NIMS & ICS
  9. Stop the Bleed
  10. School Safety Technology
  11. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  12. School Pipeline Safety Partnership
  13. Safety Tabletop Exercises
  14. Active Threat Response