Crisis Communications Plans (K-12 and Higher Ed)

  1. Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools Technical Assistance Center
    1. Communications and Notification Annex
    2. Communications and Warning Annex
    3. LEA School-Based Emergency Management Contact List
    4. Managing Emergency Communications, Alerts, and Warnings/Notifications
    5. Communications and Warning Considerations for Your K-12 Emergency Operations Plan (Virtual Training By Request)
  2. Illinois Terrorism Task Force School Safety Working Group – Communication Tips for School Threats
  3. Louisiana State University NCBRT/Academy of Counter-Terrorism
    1. Crisis Communication Planning and Implementation for School Leaders (Virtual Workshop)
  4. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    1. Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication (CERC)
    2. CERC: Crisis Communications Plans
  5. Texas Association of School Boards
    1. Important Crisis Communications Tips for School Boards
  6. National Center for School Safety
    1. School Safety Communications Planning Guide
  7. Examples of K-12 Crisis Communications Plans
    1. Nassau County School District Comprehensive Crisis Plan
    2. Tennessee 2021 School EOP Template – Communications Plans
    3. Tennesse 2021 District EOP Template – Communications
    4. San Mateo County Office of Education – Emergency Communications Guide and Templates
    5. Crisis Communications Plans for Public School Districts Template
  8. Examples of Higher Ed Crisis Communications Plans
    1. Purdue University Crisis Communications Plan
    2. University of Washington Crisis Communications Plan & UW Alert
    3. Tufts University Crisis Communication Plan
    4. Youngstown State University Crisis Communication Plan