Severe Weather (K-12 and Higher Ed)

  1. A Guide to Developing a Severe Weather Emergency Plan for Schools
  2. Safer, Stronger, Smarter: A Guide to Improving School Natural Hazard Safety
  3. Severe Weather Safety Tips (Bookmark)
    1. Ready Kids
  5. REMS TA Center – Planning For Natural Hazards That May Impact Students, Staff, and Visitors
  6. National Weather Service StormReady Program
  7. Severe Weather Preparedness Guide for Schools

Severe Weather Preparedness by Topic

  1. Thunderstorm/Lightning
    1. Lightning Safety – Tools for Teachers
    2. Lightning Safety Awareness Guide
    3. Lightning Safety Tips and Resources
    4. Illinois High School Association – Severe Weather Safety Guidelines (for IHSA state series contests)
    5. NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook – Lightning Safety
    6. NCAA Lightning Safety Guidelines
  2. Earthquake
    1. Earthquake Safety Activities for Children and Teachers
    2. Earthquake Preparedness: What Every Child Care Provider Needs to Know
    3. What to Do Before, During, and After an Earthquake
      1. Shakeout Resources (K-12 and Higher Ed)
      2. Shakeout College and University Guidelines and Resources
    5. Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools Technical Assistance Center
      1. Earthquake Sample Annex: A Fictional Example for Schools Before, During, and After an Earthquake
      2. Integrating Earthquakes into School Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs)
    6. United States Geological Survey
      1. Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country: Your Handbook for the Central United States
      2. Earthquake Hazards – Education
      3. Earthquake Resources for Kids
    7. EMI School Program
      1. Earthquakes
    9. Illinois Emergency Management Agency
      1. Earthquake Preparedness
      2. The Day The Earth Shook (video game)
    10. Ready Illinois
      1. Earthquake Preparedness Videos
      2. Earthquake
  3. Flood
    1. Severe Weather 101: Flood Basics
    2. EMI School Program
    3. Making Schools Safe Against Flooding
    4. Preparing for Floods at K-12 Schools and School Districts
    5. Preparing for Floods at Institutions of Higher Education
    6. Preparing for Floods at State Education Agencies
  4. Winter Weather
    1. Winter Weather Preparedness Guide
    2. General Winter Safety for Schools
    3. Winter Weather
    4. Winter Weather Safety Social Media Toolkit
    5. Winter Weather Safety
    6. Winter Weather
  5. Tornadoes
    1. Tornado Preparedness Checklists for Schools
    2. ISBE/OSFM School Emergency and Crisis Response Plan Guide
    3. Tornado/Incident Command Tabletop
    4. Tornado Preparedness Tips for School Administrators
  6. Heat
    1. Extreme Heat
    2. Heat Safety for Kids and Teens
    3. Social Media Materials, Heat Guidebooks, Online Class, and More
    4. Extreme Heat Safety
    5. IHSA Specific Guidelines for Managing Heat and Heat Illness
    6. The Heat Illness Prevention School Project Toolkit
    7. Heat Related Illness Prevention: Recognizing, Preventing, and Treating Heat-Related Illness (training)